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Executive Council

MSgt Zwiebel Photo.jpg
Master Sergeant James A. Zwiebel

Master Sergeant James A. Zwiebel is an Officer Accessions Recruiter at the 348th Recruiting Squadron, Hill Air Force Base, Utah.  He is responsible for Inspiring, engaging, and recruiting then next generation of Officer across 5 states, 4 medical school, 24 hospitals and many Universities.


Sergeant Zwiebel is from Phoenix, Arizona and enlisted in 2008.  He arrived at Lackland AFB, Texas in August for Basic Military Training. Upon Graduation, He attended the Department of Defense, Joint Service, Biomedical Equipment Engineering Technical School and Graduated September 2009.  He then proceeded to his first duty station at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base North Carolina, where he performed his duties as a Biomedical Equipment Technician in the 4th Medical Support Squadron.  In August 2012 he was assigned to Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada as the NCOIC of Technology Management for the 99th Medical Support Squadron.  In February 2016 he graduated from the Air Force Recruiting School house in San Antonio, Texas.  In May of 2016 he was assigned to Saginaw, Michigan where he performed duties as an Enlisted Accessions Recruiter as part of the 339th Recruiting Squadron.  While stationed in Saginaw he performed Special Operations Recruiter duties as a member of the now 330th Recruiting Squadron.  In January 2018 he was selected for assignment in Phoenix, Arizona serving as a Health Professions Recruiter detailed from the 362nd Recruiting Squadron. 



2013      Airman Leadership School, Nellis AFB, NV.

2014      A.S. Biomedical Equipment Technology, Community College of the Air Force.

2016      Air Force Recruiting Technical School, Lackland AFB, TX.

2015      Non-Commissioned Officer Academy Professional Military Education (non-Resident).

2018      Non-Commissioned Officer Academy Professional Military Education, Lackland AFB, TX.

2018      A.S. Human Resource Management, Community College of the Air Force.



  1. August 2008 – October 2008, Trainee, Basic Military Training, Lackland AFB, Texas.

  2. October 2008 – September 2009, DoD Biomedical Equipment Engineering School, Sheppard AFB, TX.

  3. October 2009 – August 2012, Biomedical Equipment Journeyman, 4th Medical Support Squadron, Seymour Johnson AFB, NC.

  4. August 2012 – May 2016, Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge, Technology Management, Nellis AFB, NV.

  5. May 2016 – January 2018, Enlisted Accessions Officer, 339th Recruiting Squadron, Mount Pleasant, MI.

  6. January 2018 – August 2019, Health Professions Recruiter, 362nd/348th Recruiting Squadron, Goodyear, AZ.

  7. August 2019 – Present, Officer Accessions Recruiter, 348th Recruiting Squadron, Clearfield, UT.

Vice President
Awards; Chapters 1260, and 1261 Regional Director
Master Sergeant (Ret.) Christopher Dodd

Master Sergeant Christopher D. Dodd is the 61st and 62nd Section Chief, Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) assigned to the 56th Equipment Maintenance Squadron, 56th Maintenance Group, 56th Fighter Wing, Luke Air Force Base, Arizona.  His primary duty is to direct Air Educational and Training Command largest Aerospace Ground Equipment flight comprised of 134 personnel in sustaining maintenance operations for F-35 Joint Strike Fighters and 78 F-16C/D aircraft.  He directs daily operations which supports 9 allied countries and 7 aircraft maintenance units all which aligns with the 56th Fighter Wing’s mission “We Build the Future of Airpower.”  His leadership is pivotal to developing and implementing personnel management policies, advising senior leaders of equipment production and ultimately report directly to Air Education and Training Command functional managers to balance manning, training and equipment requirements.


Sergeant Dodd is a native of Kinston, North Carolina where he graduated high school in 1991.  September of 1997 he entered the United States Air Force as an Aerospace Ground Equipment Apprentice.  After completing his technical school at Sheppard Air Force Base, he was assigned to Grand Forks Air Force Base.  While stationed at Grand Forks Air Force Base, he deployed 6 times in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM and IRAQI FREEDOM.  Prior to his current position, he served as 56th Maintenance Group, Quality Assurance technician and held other key leadership roles abroad.    



1995 AAS Degree in Computer Information Systems, Lenoir Community College, Kinston NC

1997 Aerospace Ground Equipment Apprentice Course, Sheppard Air Force Base, TX

2001 Airman Leadership School, Grand Forks Air Force Base, ND

2002 Aerospace Ground Equipment Craftsman Course, Sheppard Air Force Base, TX

2009 AAS Degree in Aerospace Ground Equipment, Community College of the Air Force

2011 AFSO 21 8 Step Course, Luke Air Force Base, AZ

2012 Noncommissioned Officer Academy, Sheppard Air Force Base, TX

2014 Advanced Safety Certificate, National Safety Council, Phoenix AZ

2015 Joint Senior Noncommissioned Officer Course, by correspondence

2016 Professional Manager Certification, Community College of the Air Force

2017 Master Resiliency Trainer, Joint Base San Antonio, TX

2017 Senior Noncommissioned Officer Course, by correspondence



1. Sep 1997 – Nov 1997, Basic Training, Lackland AFB, TX

2. Nov 1997 – Jul 1998, Aerospace Ground Equipment Apprentice, Sheppard AFB, TX

3. Jul 1998 – May 2007, Aerospace Ground Equipment Journeyman, Grand Forks AFB, ND

4. Jul 2007 – Jul 2008, Aerospace Ground Equipment, NCOIC, Osan AB, ROK

5. Aug 2008 – Jan 2010, Aerospace Ground Equipment, Maintenance Team NCOIC, Luke AFB, AZ

6. Jan 2010 – Jul 2012, Aerospace Ground Equipment, Assistant Section Chief, Luke AFB, AZ

7. Jul 2012 – May 2013, Quality Assurance Inspector, Luke AFB, AZ

8. May 2013 – Apr 2014, Aerospace Ground Equipment, Maintenance/Servicing Assistant Team Leader, Luke AFB, AZ

9. Oct 2014 – May 2015, Aerospace Ground Equipment, Support Section Chief, Luke AFB, AZ

10. Jun 2015 – Jul 2016, Aerospace Ground Equipment, Team Leader, Luke AFB, AZ

11. Jul 2016 – Oct 2017, Aerospace Ground Equipment, Production Superintendent, Luke AFB, AZ

12. Nov 2017 – Present, F-35 Aerospace Ground Equipment, Section Chief, Luke AFB, AZ  

Trustee #1
Communications / Family Matters
Michelle Chabot

Michelle Chabot served in the Air Force from 2006 to 2018 holding a variety of assignments.  After completion of basic military training, she graduated from the Weather Forecasting Apprentice School at Keesler AFB, Mississippi and was assigned to the 25th Operational Weather Squadron (OWS) at Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona as a (1W051) Weather Forecaster, Flight Weather Briefer, and Graphics Forecaster handling products for the entire United States.  While there, she won a variety of awards to include Airman of the Year, 2008 for Davis-Monthan AFB, as well as earning the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal.  She also deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2008.


In August 2009, she was selected to retrain into the Paralegal career field, and held assignments at Fairchild AFB, Washington; Kunsan AB, Korea; and Buckley AFB, Colorado.  In the fall of 2014, she received a special duty assignment to serve as the Defense Paralegal at Buckley AFB for the Air Force Legal Operations Agency, Area Defense Counsel where she was responsible for assisting the Area Defense Counsel in the management of the ADC office.


She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University.  In addition, she holds an Associate in Applied Science in Weather Technology and Paralegal Studies from the Community College of the Air Force.  She is married to SSgt Daniel Chabot of the Colorado Air National Guard.


Michelle Chabot has served in multiple roles in AFSA since joining as a young Airman to include Airman Activities Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice President at the chapter level and has served on the Division 6 Communications committee for the last few years.

Trustee #2
Legislative; Chapters 1163, 1311, and 1328 Regional Director
Chief Master Sergeant (Ret.) James "Jim" Lokovic

Served in the Air Force from 1969 to 1994 at locations in Japan, Italy, Greece, Germany, England, Spain, Turkey, and various stateside locations.  He served in jobs including the Morse and Non-Morse Systems career fields, Operational Management, Unit OJT Manager, Unit Career Advisor, NCO Academy and Leadership School instructor, and finally on the Air Staff managing all Air Force First Sergeants and all USAF Enlisted Professional Military Education programs.  


From 1994 to 2007, he worked on the AFSA HQ Staff as its Director of Military and Government Relations, testified numerous times before Congress and personally led campaigns to create and enhance programs affecting the lives of current and past Total-Force Airmen, their families, and survivors -- including creation of the Post-9/11 GI Bill, pay raise increases, creation and funding of Child Development Centers, creation of TRICARE for Life just to name a few.  In 1997, he wrote the legislation and successfully worked to acquire AFSA's Federal Charter.  Since 2007, he has worked as a trustee with Divisions 12 and 6 and has worked periodically for AFSA Headquarters as a legislative consultant, analyst, and writer (remotely) from his home in Utah where he and his wife Linda reside.

TSgt Pitts, Jeremy 5x7.jpg
Trustee #3
Membership; Chapters 1320, 1356, 1372 Regional Director
Technical Sergeant Jeremy Pitts

Technical Sergeant Jeremy Pitts is the Electronic Warfare Systems Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge for the 420th Aircraft Maintenance Unit, 912th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, Edwards Air Force Base, California. The unit is responsible for Maintenance, Test and Evaluation of all newly acquired aerospace platforms. Sergeant Pitts is responsible for the maintenance, test and evaluation of Electronic Warfare Systems on board the Air Force newest bomber platform. He deployed in September 2021 in support of Operation Allied Refuge. 


Sergeant Pitts was born in Waynesboro, Virginia and was raised as a Navy dependent in Jacksonville, Florida, where he graduated from Nathan Bedford Forrest High School in 2001. He began his military career in December 2003 as an F-16 Avionics Technical Training Student at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas. Upon graduation he was stationed at Aviano Air Base, Italy and Nellis AFB, where he served as an F-16 Avionics Systems Journeyman, Unit Training Monitor and F-22 Avionics Systems Craftsman. He was then retrained to Heavy Aircraft Electronic Warfare Systems Maintenance. During this time he was stationed at Minot Air Force Base where he held B-52 Electronic Warfare Systems Craftsman and Noncommissioned Officer in Charge of Deficiency Analysis. From these positions he has supported multiple excercises, nuclear generations, and deployment operations. Additionally, he has served as a Honor Guardsman at the base level.


Prior to his current position, Sergeant Pitts was the Noncommissioned Officer in Charge Electronic Warfare Systems Maintenance, 5th Maintenance Squadron, Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota.


Sergeant Pitts is an avid lifetime member of the Air Force Sergeants Association (AFSA) since 2011, having served twice as Chapter President, and holding various Chapter level positions. 



2009 Airman Leadership School, Nellis AFB, NV

2013 Associates of Applied Science, Avionics Systems Technology, Community College of the Air Force, Maxwell AFB, AL

2016 Associates of Applied Arts, General Studies, Columba Southern University, Orange Beach, AL

2017 Noncommissioned Officer Academy, Maxwell AFB, AL, by correspondence

2019 Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Columbia Southern University, Orange Beach, AL

2020 Senior Noncommisioned Officer Joint Professional Military Education, Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL, by correspondence



1. Jan 2004 - Oct 2004, F-16 Avionics Technical Training Student, 365th Training Squadron, Sheppard AFB, TX

2. Oct 2004 - Nov 2006, F-16 Avionics Systems Journeyman, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, Aviano AB, Italy

3. Nov 2006 - May 2008, F-16 Avionics Systems Journeyman, 57th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, Nellis AFB, NV

4. May 2008 - Jan 2010, Unit Training Monitor, 57th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, Nellis AFB, NV

5. Jan 2010 - Mar 2011, F-22 Avionics Systems Craftsman, 57th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, Nellis AFB, NV

6. Mar 2011 - Jan 2013, B-52 Electronic Warfare Systems Craftsman, 5th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, Minot AFB, ND

7. Jan 2013 - Oct 2016, NCOIC of Deficiency Analysis, 5th Maintenance Group, Minot AFB, ND

8. Oct 2016 - Jul 2018, B-52 Electronic Warfare Systems Craftsman, 5th Maintenance Squadron, Minot AFB, ND

9. Jul 2018 - Jun 2020, NCOIC of B-52 Electronic Warfare Systems, 5th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, Minot AFB, ND

10. Jun 2020 – Present, NCOIC of Electronic Warfare Systems, 912th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, Edwards AFB, CA



Trustee #4
Retired and Veterans Affairs, Credentials;
Chapters 1322, 1330, 1365, and 1379 Regional director
Chief Master Sergeant (Ret.) Andrew duenas

Bio currently unavailable


Rios picture.jpg
Trustee #5
Training Trustee; Chapters 1320, 1356, and 1372 Regional Director
Senior MASTER SERGEANT (Ret.) Reynaldo rios Jr.

Served in the Air Force from 2002 to 2022 at locations in Davis Monthan AFB, AZ, Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, HI, Grand Forks AFB, ND, Travis AFB, CA and various overseas locations.  He is a licensed Airframe and Powerplant Technician that served in jobs including Aircraft Maintenance Unit Superintendent, Production Superintendent, Flight Chief, Enlisted Contracting Officer, Quality Assurance and Flying Crew Chief.


2017 - 2019: Chapter 1320 Legislative Trustee

2019 – 2020: Chapter 1320 President

2020 - 2022: Chapter 1320 Senior Advisor

2021 – 2022: Division 6 Trustee #5, California Regional Director

2022 – Present: Division 6 Trustee #5, New Mexico Regional Director

KPL, senior advisor; Colorado Regional Director
Chief Master Sergeant (Ret.) Robert "Bob" Tomlinson

Served on active duty from 1973 to 2000 as a Personnel Manager both overseas and in the CONUS at bases in Germany (twice), The Netherlands, New Mexico (twice), Florida (twice) and finally retiring from Buckley AFB, in Aurora, Colorado in June 2000.  Since his retirement from active duty, Bob was an Air Force civilian working in Education and Training and the Contracting career fields for 17 years.  His final assignment was as a Supervisory Contract Specialist and Contracting Officer with the 460th Contracting Flight, Buckley AFB, Colorado where he retired on 30 Jun 2017.

Bob has been a lifetime member of the Air Force Sergeants Association since 1983 and has served in many positions at the Chapter and Division levels.  He was a Division 11 Trustee,  Vice President, and then Division President in 1999, and finally the Division Treasurer, a position he filled until 2013 when Division 11 became part of Division 6.  He has filled the position of Division Treasurer since 2013 as well as the Colorado Regional Director.  He is an avid bowler and casual golfer.   He lives in Aurora, Colorado with his wife Sandy (MSgt-Retired) and they have been married for 43 years.  They have one daughter, Denise, and two grandchildren that also live in Aurora.   

Recorder; Chapters 1252, and 1253 Regional Director
Senior Master Sergeant (Ret.) Sandra Valdezate

SMSgt (Ret) Sandra Valdezate is the Office Manager for Kichler Lighting, West Coast Distribution Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.  Sandy was born on 7 June 1963 in Mahnomen, Minnesota.  She graduated from Mahnomen High School, Class of 1981.  Sandy enlisted in the United States Air Force in August 1981 where she attended Basic Military Training at San Antonio, Texas.  She completed technical training as an Administrative Specialist (70230) at Keesler AFB, Mississippi.  In November 1981, she reported to her first duty assignment at the 77th Bomb Squadron, Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota, where she supported B-52  aircraft.  In November 1983, she was assigned to 52d Equipment Maintenance Squadron,  Spangdahlem Air Force Base, Germany, where she earned Senior Airmen Below-the-Zone.  In November 1985, she was assigned to Instructional Systems Development, Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska.  While assigned there she was a Sergeant for a day and made Staff Sergeant and was given her base of preference to GA.  So December 1986 she was assigned to Base Administration, Moody Air Force Base, Georgia until December 1987.  She then became Chief of Plans and Programs at the Mission Support Squadron from December 1987-1989.  She then became the Administrative Technician for Professional Military Education School until December 1991.  She then moved on to be the NCOIC, 52d Equipment Maintenance Squadron until September 1992.   She then got reassigned to 52d Comptroller Squadron, Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany until September 1994.   After being promoted to Technical Sergeant she was assigned to be the Superintendent, Information Management, 52d Logistics  Group at Spangdahlem.  While performing this duty she was STEP promoted to Master Sergeant.  In September 1996 she was assigned as the Superintendent, Information Management, for the 414th Component Training Squadron (Red Flag), Nellis Air Force Base, NV.  May 2000  she was assigned to be the 57th Wing Functional Manager and Superintendent, Information Management, 57th Wing, Nellis AFB, Nevada.  As a Senior Master Sergeant she then was assigned to be a Career Assistance Advisor and Superintendent of the Professional Development Center, 99th Mission Support Squadron in January 2001 until her retirement February 2007.  She started working as an Office Manager for Kichler Lighting, Las Vegas, Nevada in April 2007 to present.  Sandy has one son Nickolaus.



Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management - University of Phoenix

Associates degree in Human Resources - Community College of the Air Force

Associates degree in Business Administration - Georgia Military College

Associates degree in Administration - Community College of the Air Force

The following Professional Military Education have also been completed: NCO Leadership School, NCO Academy, and Senior NCO Academy.


Her extracurricular activities include being the Saturday Team Lead, Nellis AFB Airman’s Attic, BX Liaison as Chaplain Assistant for Nellis AFB Chapel, Civil Air Patrol female mentor for Jim Bridgier Middle School, Social Worker file liaison for Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth, Community Assistant to Helping Hands Sewing Ministry, AFSA Division 6 Vice-President/now Senior Advisor/Recorder/Convention do all, AFSA Chapter 1252 Cents off program/Newsletter/ Coat/Blanket drive, etc., member of Women Veterans of Nevada, life member of Veterans of Foreign War and AFSA life member.    

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