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Air Force Sergeants Association's (AFSA) mission is to advocate for improved quality of life and economic fairness that will support the well-being of the Total Air Force (Air Force Active Duty, Air National Guard, and Air Force Reserve Command) enlisted personnel and their families.

AFSA Division 6 leads the 21 chapters located across Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah.

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May 5, 2021

In 1961, four energetic Air Force Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs), Sergeants Benny McGehee, Lee Thompson, Donald Ward, and Virgil Perry, began to explore unknown territories and formed the Air Force Sergeants Association (AFSA). For over six decades, the AFSA has been fighting for improved Quality of Life for Active, Guard, and Reserve forces and their families and has looked after the interests and concerns of the world's greatest enlisted force, their families, veterans, and retirees. The very first Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, Paul W. Airey, summed it up best in this quote on the wall of the Nation's Air Force Memorial: "When I think of the Enlisted Force, I see Dedication, Determination, Loyalty, and Valor."

Our Air and Space Forces are certainly stronger due to the unrivaled quality and professionalism of our NCOs and the many organizations, like AFSA, that support our Airmen and Guardians around the globe. The Air and Space Forces especially depend on our NCOs to play an essential role in maintaining and passing on the Air and Space Forces' cultures to new generations of Airmen and Guardians. They are expert trainers, leaders, coaches, and mentors to our entire force from junior Airmen to our most senior officers and executives alike.

We salute the AFSA's efforts during the past 60 years. The dedication and collective efforts of the Association and its volunteer membership have remained committed to its quest to represent those who protect and defend. On this 60th Anniversary, we commend the founding fathers of AFSA and thank the AFSA for its continued efforts to enhance the quality of life for our Airmen and Guardians. The inroads carved by AFSA will ensure that our NCO corps continue to be the envy of the world and the backbone of our Air and Space Forces.

We encourage all military of the Uniformed Services to get involved and support the AFSA Team that continues to pursue a quality of life that will enrich the lives of our military and their families. We are proud members of the Air Force Sergeants Association and look forward to working with the AFSA team leaders to help improve the lives of Airmen, Guardians, and all military families.


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