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Welcome to our family! You can sign up to be a member using the EZ Join link below. This will take you directly to the HQ AFSA website where you can sign up electronically. No more filling out a paper with your credit card info! The Take Action line will take you to HQAFSA Legislative Action Center where you can be a part of the team or contact a local official.

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Meet your Executive Council




Vice President


SSgt Tyler Kiele

I have been serving in the Air Force as a POL Troop for about 12 years.  As the secretary for AFSA Chapter 1252, it is my goal to bring meeting operations and records management to new heights utilizing cutting edge technology.  I have been involved with AFSA for over 10 years, and
would like to bring that passion and experience to help grow one of the largest chapters in the Division.



Coming Soon!


SSgt Nicholas Smith
Memberships Trustee

My goal as the Legislative Trustee for Chapter 1252 is to help communicate the voice of AFSA members to people in positions of power who make decisions
on behalf of active duty military members. I want to empower AFSA members to advocate for themselves, their families and our military men and women. I will do this by keeping our chapter up to date with reports on significant legislative events and ensuring the group gives feedback on what is
important for them. Additionally, I will help us build a pipeline of communication, trust and partnership with local politicians so we can funnel up our needs to those who can improve quality of life issues for us and our families. Finally, as the Legislative Trustee I will make sure I have effective and efficient communication with the Division Legislative Trustee.
I look forward to becoming our chapters “eyes and ears” to monitor and improve quality of life issues for our Airmen and our families.

SSgt Charnell.8x10.jpg

SSgt Alyssa Charnell
Communications Trustee

"Fear is the starter pistol for life's greatest moments."

I am pursuing my master's degree in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance this year!


MSgt Jonathan Telford
Awards Trustee

Coming Soon!

Gomez 1.jpg

MSgt Michael Gomez
Community Affairs

I am a 14 year linguist who grew up as the son of a Navy Chief, so the military has always been a part of my life.  I’m an avid angler and gamer who loves friendly competitions and organized sports.  My previous assignment was as an AETC instructor at Goodfellow, AFB where I really learned what it meant to help and support others while maintaining a strong relationship with the local community.  The people of San Angelo were always kind to our military members and eager to support us and what we do.  My time as an instructor also reminded me of the struggles that our Airmen deal with daily.  As the new Community Affairs Representative, I would like to start with our Airmen and reaching out to them.  My goal is to hold several dorm or junior enlisted events per year to remind them that AFSA and other NCOs are here for them and willing to help in any way we can.  I believe that a strong bond and connection on this base will lead to bigger and better things for our local community as well.  I look forward to this new opportunity and hope that I can have a positive impact within this chapter and among our Airmen.


Favorite Quote:

“ Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”  - Vince Lombardi (GO PACK GO!)


MSgt Karla Poehlmann
Plans and Programs

Coming Soon!

White Blues.jpg

TSgt Timothy White
Veteran Affairs Representvative

"Leadership is all about people. It is not about organizations. It is not about plans. It is not about strategies. It is all about people-motivating people to get the job done.  You have to be people-centered."


- Colin Powell

TSgt Larpcharoen photo.jpg

TSgt Pariyajuck Larpcharoen
Finance and Budget

“It’s not the destination. It’s the journey.”

- Kobe Bryant

TSgt Carrillo Photo.webp

TSgt Nathan Carrillo
Sergeant at Arms

I am the Sergeant at Arms for AFSA Chapter 1252. Additionally, I am the Information Systems Security Manager at the 526 Intelligence Squadron. My
goal is to ensure every AFSA Chapter 1252 meeting maintains the highest standards of professionalism and order. Additionally, we must maximize the
amount of attendees in every meeting, in order to grow our informational outreach. As a result, our impact within division 6 will be substantial.
"Discipline equals freedom." ― Jocko Willink

image001 me uniform.webp

SMSgt (Ret) Sandy Valdezate
Senior Advisor

I'm still serving through volunteerism, actions speak louder than words, there are so many that need a helping hand. Service does not end when you take off your uniform. AFSA is an advocate for all Active Duty, Retirees, Veterans, and family members on Capitol Hill, we are only as strong as our membership. Everyone should care about the benefits they currently have and the future of what could happen to those benefits.  Unfortunately most people don't care until they are taken away. Do you care? Are you a member?


We want YOU to be a part of our Executive Council! Be a part of our Legislative team, see position information here



As of 1 July 2022, we have 1,017 members. Thank you all for your support.



This is our initiative to highlight our amazing team here at Nellis AFB. 



This scholarship is provided as a one-time grant of $250 to an AFSA member and $150 to a non-AFSA member selected from Nellis AFB active-duty enlisted personnel graduating from the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) who plan to pursue a baccalaureate degree. This grant will coincide with the CCAF graduation ceremonies held each spring and fall.
Requirements and Selection Criteria
- Open to all current AFSA and non-AFSA members.
- Proof of current enrollment or intent to enroll in an accredited program leading to a baccalaureate degree (verified by registrar) must be submitted with the application.
- Must be in the grade of E-2 through E-6 to apply.
- A narrative statement describing what resilience means to you and how you have become resilient in your leadership and teamwork. Describe how your dedication to the Air Force or Space Force core values helped build your resilience. Finally, describe how AFSA has impacted your commitment to community service, professional organizations, and personal and professional development. For non-AFSA members, describe how the pursuit of your baccalaureate degree has impacted your commitment to the same.
- Limit your narrative to one page, double spaced, (10 to 12-point font, Times New Roman) with full name and unit at top and signature block at the bottom. Exported in PDF format.
- Complete the below application with your First Sergeant’s signature/endorsement.
Grant Allocation
- The $250 and $150 scholarship grants will be presented at the local CCAF graduation.
- Non-AFSA member winner will receive a 1-year AFSA membership.
- A certificate recognizing the recipient as the Air Force Sergeants Association Scholarship Award winner.
- Selection will be determined by a committee of AFSA Chapter 1252 members and based on submitted narratives.
- Total achievements will be carefully considered by the selection committee.

Please send an email to to apply or if you have any questions.



We'd love to hear from you.

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