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AFSA Division 6 

Professional Airman's Conference

About The Event


Convention Objectives:

  • Provide professional development as well as conduct AFSA business to allow full discussion by the delegates attending. 

  • Elect a Division President and 2nd Trustee for two year terms

  • Install the elected and appointed officials whose terms begin at the close of the 2022 Division 6 Conference. 

  • Recognize annual AFSA Division 6 award winners:  Airman, NCO, Member, Chapters, volunteer and recruiting and retention awards. 

  • Foster and stimulate fraternalism within AFSA by scheduling appropriate social events.

  • Conduct workshops and seminars designed to inform delegates on legislative matters as well as the aims and goals of our Association.

  •  Conduct Chapter level training of all aspects of AFSA.

  • Encourage all delegates to participate in all business meetings and social events.  All delegates should plan to participate fully in the workings of the association.

Conference Theme:


This year’s theme is “Communicating Your Needs to Decisionmakers with Impact”.  The focus of the conference is both professional development seminars and conducting AFSA business.  This Division Professional Airman Conference is the one time of the year that all 21 Chapters, across a 6-state regional area, assemble for a common purpose, and participate in training and professional development seminars led by current Air Force Leadership.  Those that have attended in the past have overwhelmingly commented it was very beneficial.  There is plenty of time for official business but also some personal time to meet new members and renew friendships.  It is also a time to recognize and honor our annual award nominees and selectees that will compete later in the year at the International level.  Through AFSA Chapter training, fraternalism and cross talk with other members of AFSA, attendees should leave the conference inspired to achieve greater impact at their Chapter level, base and community.

Conference Information:

Attendance at the conference can be in funded status if worked through your local chapter and base leadership.  The last in-person conference in 2019 (2020 and 2021 were “remote” conferences due to the pandemic) saw about 80% of active duty members in a TDY status on funded orders.  We are providing the details of the conference early this year so that potential attendees can start now to coordinate their attendance. 

Convention Photos

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

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